Sharpcast Delivers First-Ever Push Synchronization Solution for Consumer Medi

PALO ALTO, CALIF. (March 20, 2008) – Sharpcast, a top innovator in digital media and device synchronization, today introduced SugarSync, the first-ever solution that seamlessly synchronizes both Mac OS and Windows computers, mobile phones and the Web. Built on the company’s patent-pending Universal Synchronization Platform, SugarSync’s powerful software-service combination gives people the easiest way to keep digital media and files automatically in sync across multiple computers, backed up online and remotely accessible from their mobile phones or through any web browser.

SugarSync is available for free trial at, Through a special Founders’ Circle promotion, anyone subscribing to the service by April 15th will receive 50% off his or her first year’s subscription fees and become eligible for future Founders’ Circle offers and exclusive early access to new Sharpcast products.

SugarSync consists of five core components that work together automatically:

* Lightweight sync manager software for Macs and PCs that works in the background to automatically synchronize files across multiple computers and back them up online
* A personal, secure website, including a built-in photo gallery, that is automatically created and can be accessed through any web browser for remote access and sharing
* A mobile-optimized website that is automatically created for wireless access and sharing of files stored on any of a customer’s computers from any mobile web browser, with a special version for iPhones
* An optional mobile phone client application that synchronizes camera phone images (and other media types beginning this spring) with the customer’s personal website and all their computers; and enables them to access and share their entire digital photo collection wirelessly
* A universal contact list that stays in sync across all the customer’s devices and their personal website for sharing files and media

SugarSync fills the many gaps in functionality and user experience left by contemporary backup solutions that don’t provide remote access and require individual subscriptions for multiple computers; remote access services which require a person’s primary computer to be online; mobile services which require manual file transfer over cables or storage cards; and traditional peer-to-peer synchronization solutions that require all devices to be connected at the same time and don’t address any of the increasingly important mobile use cases. SugarSync overcomes all of these problems with a single solution designed from the ground up for simple “set-and-forget” synchronization.

“As we transition to a multi-device world, a distributed application experience becomes more critical – one that works automatically across multiple devices and the Web,” said Gibu Thomas, founder and chief executive officer of Sharpcast. “SugarSync offers a delightful experience that works completely automatically and transparently, so people can enjoy their digital life from any device. It is time to say goodbye to tedious file uploads and downloads, emailing files around, manual backup processes, sync cables and environmentally unfriendly practices like leaving your computers online all the time to remotely access files.”