Comcast Offers Online Backup and Sharing Through Mozy

Comcast is launching an online backup service powered by EMC-owned Mozy.

Comcast will bundle online storage capacity from EMC’s Mozy division with its broadband service and let residential subscribers share the content they store with friends — or with the entire Internet.

With the new Secure Backup & Share feature, users of Comcast high-speed Internet automatically get 2GB of space in Mozy’s data centers for backing up any data from their home computers. They can also buy 50GB for US$4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, or 200GB for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, the companies announced Thursday. The feature is available now.

Mozy has been offering cloud-based backup capacity to consumers and businesses for several years. Consumers can buy unlimited storage for $4.95 per month. But the new offering with Comcast marks the first time Mozy has let users share the data they have backed up, according to Vance Checketts, Mozy vice president of operations at EMC. The company hopes to extend this capability to its own service as well as to the Mozy-based backup services already offered by Vodafone and China Telecom.

For many consumers, a service such as Secure Backup & Share could be an obvious way to start protecting their data from disasters and hardware failures for the first time, said Charles King, an analyst at Pund-IT.

“For most people, backup is something that they plan to get around to, like losing weight or eating right,” King said. However, it’s more critical than those users may think, he added. “Tens of thousands of hard drives crash on a weekly basis,” he said. Ideally, consumers should also back up their data to a hard drive they own, both to have another copy for safety and because downloading 200GB of remotely backed-up content over a home broadband connection would take a long time, he added.

With the sharing feature, users could make any or all of the files they back up available to family, friends or the public. Theoretically, a user could copy 200GB of files onto Mozy and make them all searchable and available on the Internet, Mozy’s Checketts said. In reality, users may designate some content as public but share the rest through invitations to specific authorized users, he said. Sharing is a natural extension to Mozy’s backup service, and the business issues of adding it would be more significant than the technical ones, Checketts said.

However, it could be a big undertaking just for Mozy to support the Comcast service. If all of Comcast’s roughly 15.9 million high-speed Internet subscribers simply took advantage of the 2GB of free storage, Mozy would need 30 petabytes of storage to accommodate them. Mozy already has more than 25 petabytes of data under management. The company beefed up its data centers in advance of the Comcast offering and can rapidly expand its capacity if needed through contracts with suppliers of bandwidth, storage space and other components, Checketts said.

This service is awesome for multiple reasons, including:

  • Data backup – Comcast customers will be able to back up their essential files to a remote, secure location via the Internet. All Comcast customers will receive a complementary 2GB account with their subscription, with additional storage plans available.
  • Online access – Comcast customers’ backed-up files can be accessed and restored via the Internet – any time, anywhere.
  • Sharing – Once their data is backed up, users will be able to share photos, documents, music, and videos with family and friends via an easy-to-use dashboard that’s available across multiple devices.

Disaster preparedness tips

September is the sixth annual National Preparedness Month. NPM 2009 is focusing on changing perceptions around emergency preparedness. FEMA, Citizen Corps, and the Ad Council want to spread the word that preparedness “goes beyond fire alarms, smoke detectors, dead-bolt locks, and extra food in the pantry.” Likewise, disaster preparedness goes beyond seasons – it’s a year-round necessity. For those of us who keep our lives on our computers, a disaster could also include a hardware failure, stolen computer, etc. Mozy and online backup act as a safety deposit box for your digital files so no matter what happens to your computer or the home or office where it resides, your files will always be safe.

Mozy’d like to remind you of the importance of making sure your vital information is protected as well. In an era when our family photos, music collections, vital documents, and much more are stored on computer hard drives that can be destroyed in minutes during a natural disaster, the smart thing to do is to back up your data remotely. Mozy urges you to make sure you’re prepared in the event of disaster, so you can protect your family, your belongings, and your memories.

Here’s Mozy starter list of disaster preparedness tips. Please leave your suggested additions in the comments below.

  • Keep a battery-powered radio on hand
  • Have a flashlight with spare batteries
  • Keep a 72 hour kit containing food and water
  • Have an extra change of clothing and toiletries
  • Back up your computers with Mozy online backup

Mozy also suggest that you download Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness and ready your household against everything from tornados to tsunamis.

Decho More Than Doubles Number of Mozy Education Customers

Decho Corporation, an EMC Company (NYSE: EMC), today announced the number of educational institutions using Mozy(TM) has more than doubled from the previous year, demonstrating a continual need for efficient, secure and affordable online backup among schools ranging from K-12 to colleges and universities. As the industry’s most trusted online backup service, Mozy now caters to more than 700 educational institutions including Northwestern University, University of San Francisco, University of Hawaii and Brigham Young University. Mozy helps schools cut costs, save time and protect the valuable digital information created by faculty, staff and students.

Students and faculty are creating and accumulating an ever-growing body of valuable digital information in the form of lesson plans, research papers, homework and enrollment records, all of which need to be protected. Financial support is the lifeblood for all of academia; however, many educational institutions are currently experiencing budget cuts and a significant reduction in endowment income. This decrease in funding is affecting all departments, including IT. As a result, online backup solutions such as MozyPro(R) are becoming an increasingly attractive option because the institution pays only for the storage spaced used and requires no upfront investment.

“Protecting the information, research and intellectual capital generated by our faculty and staff is of the utmost importance,” said Barbara Sutcliffe, manager of business operations at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. “Like so many schools today, we are looking for solutions that are affordable, reliable and easy to use. While the cost of Mozy is minimal, the peace of mind it provides is priceless.”

Partnering with MozyPro has also helped the University of San Francisco substantially reduce the total cost of ownership of a data backup solution. Without MozyPro, the university would have spent in excess of $60,000 on hardware and software alone, not including labor, staffing and training costs. By using MozyPro, USF saved nearly 60 percent of its annual file backup costs. They are also able to perform their file recovery tasks five times faster than before. The extra hours allow the team to focus more on the needs of the university faculty and staff and less on technical demands.

“In the current economic environment, most universities have lost some level of principle in their capital investments; others are having their operating budgets cut, and still others are facing enrollment declines,” said Walter Petruska, information security officer at the University of San Francisco. “Against this backdrop of reduced budgets and uncertain revenues, the high startup and continuing operational costs involved in building your own backup/recovery solution can be avoided by using MozyPro.”

Backup of faculty and staff computers may be managed via the web-based MozyPro Administrative Console which saves valuable time and frees up already overstretched IT managers. This allows IT staff to focus on more important projects critical to university operations. A single administrator can configure and deploy the MozyPro backup software and centrally manage hundreds or thousands of users.

“Mozy saves educational institutions money, provides world-class protection and allows students and teachers to focus on what’s most important–education” said Dave Robinson, vice president of Mozy marketing at Decho Corp. “In this economy, educational institutions are being asked to do more with less, and Mozy allows these institutions to realize the benefits of an easy to use, secure and scalable backup infrastructure with very little upfront investment.”

For additional information about how Mozy helps educational institutions save money on backup for student, faculty and staff computers, visit Mozy, the most trusted online backup solution for consumers and businesses, serves more than 30,000 business customers and more than 1 million users. Mozy customers back up more than 15 petabytes of data to Decho’s professionally-managed, world-class data centers.

June is Backup Awareness Month and 94% Of People Still Risk Data Loss

June is Backup Awareness Month. To celebrate, Backblaze giving away a 1-year subscription to Backblaze every single day and a chance to win a Nikon Coolpix P90 at the end of the month!

Did you lose data before and vow to never have it happen again? You love your photos, music, videos, and other items on your computer? You want to make sure you advise your friends, readers and/or customers to keep themselves protected too. Or maybe you know some of the data loss statistics:

* 10,000 laptops go missing at airports every week
* 46% of people need to restore data every year
* It costs $3,000 to attempt to fix a damaged hard drive

Every single day of June BackBlaze will randomly select one of the people who installed that day and give them a year of free Backblaze backup. And at the end of the month randomly pick one and award a brand-new Nikon Coolpix P90 to them and the person who referred them!

“For several years, Backup Awareness Month has been a time to examine whether your computer and those of your family and friends are being properly backed up,” said Gleb Budman, CEO of Backblaze, “To help people start backing up, we are giving away free 1-year subscriptions to Backblaze online backup every day this month.”

To be entered to win one of the 30 free subscriptions for unlimited backup, subscribe at BackBlaze.

MozyPro Growth Doubles in the Legal Industry

Mozy announced that the number of legal organizations backing up their digital data with MozyPro has more than doubled from the previous year. Cost savings, security benefits, and the explosion of electronically-stored information have lead thousands of legal professionals to turn to Mozy for their backup solution.

Like most companies facing economic challenges, law firms are looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies. For instance, long time member and contributor to the American Bar Association, Joseph Booth, knew he had to be smart about his investments when he opened his own practice. By choosing MozyPro, he realized a 92 percent savings over other backup solutions and was still able to easily and securely protect his most important business data.

Mozy also helps law firms address the need to protect large amounts of case files and client information, as Tina Peot of PHMPP Law attests. “I have endless amounts of data to manage, so it is essential I have a simple backup solution,” she said. “Mozy doesn’t take up more of my time, but instead makes my job easier.”

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