Decho Reports Triple-Digit Growth in New Customers from Accounting and Financial Services Markets

Decho Corporation, an EMC Company (NYSE: EMC), today announced triple-digit growth in new Mozy(TM) customers from the accounting and financial services markets over the past 12 months. As these firms look to protect irreplaceable business data, they’re turning to MozyPro(R), the industry’s most trusted online business backup service.

“Contrary to past experience, small and medium-size business IT spending will decline more than enterprise IT spending as small businesses bear more of the pain from the housing sector collapse and the financial crisis,” said analyst Andrew Bartels in a May 2009 Forrester Research Inc report titled “US Enterprises Versus SMB IT Budgets in 2009.” In addition, Gartner recently reported the loss of intellectual property or customer data was the number one concern of North American organizations surveyed by Gartner in 2007 and 2008.

Tostevin Accountancy, an accounting, tax, fiduciary, financial planning, and business consulting firm headquartered in Monterey, CA, had been using a tape backup system that it found unreliable and consumed too much valuable office space. It also needed a solution that would work automatically and support Microsoft Exchange. Tostevin reduced its corporate backup costs by 84 percent after they switched from a tape backup provider to MozyPro.

“Our previous solution required a significant investment upfront for both hardware and software, plus costs associated with required maintenance,” said Dennis Forest, CPA at Tostevin Accountancy Corporation. “MozyPro’s inexpensive price and minimal management times made it the natural choice for us.”

MozyPro’s benefits are also being realized by banks. The State Bank of Geneva was spending several hours per week managing on-premise data backups and moving backup media off-site. “The simplicity of Mozy is great for a small business,” said Rick Razum, IT Director for the State Bank of Geneva. “However, its features are so enabling and well-designed that Mozy is ideal for larger companies as well. The quality of product for an affordable rate is unmatched.”

“In addition to the significant cost savings that can be achieved with MozyPro, accounting and financial firms recognize Mozy’s market leadership in data protection,” said Daniel Royer, MozyPro manager at Decho Corp. “These firms can now focus on their business knowing that their important digital information is secure.”

For additional information about how Mozy helps accounting and financial services professionals protect valuable data and perform an accounting backup for an affordable price, visit Mozy, the most trusted online backup solution for consumers and businesses, serves more than 40,000 business customers and more than 1 million users. Mozy customers back up more than 15 petabytes of data to Decho’s professionally managed world-class data centers.

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AT&T to Deliver Cloud-Based “Storage as a Service” Offer to Enterprise Customers

AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service Gives Customers Control over Data Storage to Customize a “Data Depot” in the AT&T Network Cloud

Dallas, Texas, May 18, 2009

AT&T* today announced AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, a storage-on-demand offer that provides enterprise customers with control over the storage, distribution and retrieval of their data from any location, anytime, using any Web-enabled device.

AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service provides a business-class storage service that lets customers use the AT&T network cloud to store, distribute and retrieve data as needed to meet their business or legal requirements. Customers will be able to specify their storage criteria – called user policies – through a Web-based customer portal. The service automatically scales storage capacity up or down as needed, and users pay only for the amount they use.

AT&T has selected EMC Corporation, a world leader in information infrastructure solutions, as the technology provider for the underlying AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service platform. The companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to jointly develop and market the service.

AT&T is introducing the service to customers on a controlled basis this month, with plans to make the service generally available in the third quarter. The service is deployed in AT&T Internet data centers (IDCs) in the U.S. and will be accessible by customers connecting to the Web anywhere. In time, AT&T plans to add the service to select global IDCs to meet customer demand internationally.

“The demand for data storage continues to grow at a staggering rate, driven by companies’ need for 24×7 access to business critical data,” said Roman Pacewicz, senior vice president of strategy and application services, AT&T Business Solutions. “AT&T Synaptic Storage helps enterprises get a handle on these increasingly complex storage environments, while controlling costs and improving service levels.”

Across the industry, businesses are struggling to find cost-effective approaches to manage large amounts of data generated by today’s high bandwidth applications such as Web content, streaming media, distributed file sharing and medical imaging. In many cases, businesses invest in costly equipment for more data storage capacity, or they may adopt cumbersome and redundant data retrieval procedures.

AT&T’s on-demand, network-based approach provides much needed assistance by eliminating the need for up-front capital investments for storage capacity while offering flexibility to meet changing business needs. AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service is especially helpful for businesses with fluctuating data storage requirements. The service also is a great fit for extended retention of data no longer needed for transactions, which often can be provided at a fraction of the cost of managing data over a dedicated storage area network. The data can be retrieved at any time, to any customer location, including a third-party data center, using a variety of devices such as laptops, smart phones or other Web-enabled handheld devices.

Using EMC® Atmos™ technology, a policy-based information management platform, the AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service gives users the flexibility to store, distribute and retrieve data through the Internet or directly from the AT&T network cloud via a virtual private network or other transport service, enabling customers to create a “virtual private storage cloud” protected by AT&T’s industry’s leading network-based security services.

“EMC is vigilant about delivering customers more choice, better control and increased efficiency in large-scale cloud storage environments,” said Mike Feinberg, senior vice president, EMC Cloud Infrastructure Group. “The global scalability, policy-based service level management, and broad feature set of EMC Atmos combined with the AT&T network cloud delivers an industry-leading cloud based storage service for customers. We’re pleased to be working with AT&T to deliver customers a solution that delivers the choice, control flexibility –and cost efficiencies—of cloud.”

“Cloud storage holds out the promise of enabling a new generation of storage services with flexible, on-demand capabilities that address both runaway costs and a diverse combination of changing business priorities and regulatory requirements,” said Adam Couture, principal research analyst with Gartner. “The initial attraction has been staggering cost differential between traditional storage offerings and cloud storage. But as cloud storage matures providers will differentiate themselves in areas like security, data portability, ease of access and integration and quality of service.”

For more information on AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service please go to

Decho Doubles Number of Mozy Healthcare Customers

SEATTLE, May 7 WA-Decho-Mozy-Custmrs

Cost Savings, Compliance and Protection of Patient Information Drives Healthcare Organizations to Adopt Mozy

SEATTLE, May 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Decho Corporation, an EMC Company (NYSE: EMC), today announced the number of healthcare organizations using its industry-leading MozyPro(R) online backup solution to protect patient information has more than doubled in the past year. Mozy(TM) is the most trusted online backup solution for consumers and businesses.

Digitization of health records has become a top priority for healthcare organizations, driven by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act that made electronic health care records (EHRs) a federal government priority. As a result, online capabilities can be leveraged to back up Protected Health Information (PHI) at ambulatory care and physician care practices to leverage upcoming reimbursement funding coming as part of stimulus initiatives. Thousands of healthcare organizations — including nationwide ambulatory surgery centers, medical, and dental offices — use MozyPro to securely back up digitized files over the internet to an offsite location, helping to drastically reduce the cost of backing up patient data.

Physicians Endoscopy, a nationally recognized healthcare development and management company that operates 17 freestanding ambulatory surgery centers across the U.S., realized a 90 percent savings in backup costs and greater confidence that their records and important documents are secure and available in the event of a disaster. “My team manages IT operations for remote facilities that house important patient and business documents,” said Gene Goroschko, vice president of information systems at Physicians Endoscopy. “The reasonable price and ease of use of MozyPro has not only helped us cut our backup times in half, we’ve actually been able to extend our emergency recovery plan to include other aspects of our business that will help keep us going in the event of a hardware failure.”

Dr. Wayne T. Faber of Tenafly Dental Associates in Tenafly, New Jersey realized a 97 percent backup cost savings for his paper-free office after switching to MozyPro. “This is a major initiative that will make patient records safer and enable them to be transferred more easily,” Dr. Faber said. “MozyPro makes it easier for us to ensure that our medical records are accurate, accessible and indestructible.”

MozyPro is a simple, automatic and secure solution for healthcare organizations to back up patient X-rays, account information and other health records, ensuring the protection of vital information in the event of theft, disaster or hardware failure. MozyPro is an especially cost-effective solution for healthcare providers within the small to medium size business market looking to ensure compliance and protection of patient data. In addition, online backup helps organizations enable compliance with HIPAA requirements for encrypted copies of files kept in a secure off-site location. Mozy’s military-grade encryption and world-class data centers help Mozy customers have confidence that their PHI is safe and secure.

“Healthcare organizations are accumulating unprecedented amounts of digital information that require a new approach to the management and protection of information,” said Dave Robinson, vice president of Mozy marketing at Decho Corp. “Now more than ever, healthcare organizations are searching for secure yet affordable ways to back up patient information. Our rapid growth in this sector reflects our unique ability to reduce backup costs while securely protecting vital patient information against catastrophic data loss.”

Further information about how Mozy protects the valuable digital files of healthcare providers while reducing backup costs can be found at Mozy, the most trusted online backup solution for consumers and businesses, serves more than 30,000 business customers and more than 1 million users. Mozy customers back up more than 15 petabytes of data to Decho’s professionally managed world-class data centers.

About Decho
Decho is dedicated to helping people protect, manage and enrich their “digital echo” — the valuable and ever-growing body of personal, digital information that reverberates through their lives. Mozy, the company’s flagship offering, is the leading online backup service for both consumers and businesses, and Decho is actively developing other services. Decho is headquartered in Seattle and is an EMC company. For more information, please go to


SEATTLE, Washington – November 17, 2008 – EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today established Decho Corporation ( ), a new company focused on helping people protect, manage and enrich the ever-growing quantity of personal digital information in their lives, also known as an individual’s “digital echo.” Decho will be a combination of two formerly separate EMC businesses – Mozy, Inc. and Pi Corp. Decho will continue to offer consumers and businesses the top-rated Mozy-branded online backup service (, as well as introduce new cloud-based services for individuals over time.

The personal information once stored in albums, boxes and filing cabinets—such as financial records, personal documents, family photos and videos, portfolios of professional work, and correspondence—comprises each person’s digital echo. This information is increasingly scattered across different computers, digital devices and web sites. The quantity of personal digital information produced every year around the world is now measured in the hundreds of billions of gigabytes and is expected to continue to grow annually by almost 60 percent, according to analysts. Moreover, the lifespan of this information is beginning to be measured in decades, and it is ever more valuable and often irreplaceable.

The shift of personal information from physical to digital has not yet been accompanied by a parallel shift in the way this information is organized and preserved in digital form. Decho will help individuals take full control of their digital echo through a set of cloud-based services that will enable easy and full utilization, organization and enrichment of important personal information.

“There is an immense, untapped business opportunity as personal information management inevitably migrates into the cloud,” said David Goulden, EMC Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. “By bringing Mozy and Pi together to form Decho as a new subsidiary, we are creating a focused organization that can deliver on the promise of cloud-based personal information management and can help individuals everywhere preserve, manage and enrich the information most important to them.”

Decho’s initial service offering is the Mozy online backup service, the leading online backup service for both consumers and businesses. With over 900,000 users and over 25,000 business customers, Mozy safeguards over 10 petabytes (over ten million gigabytes) of customer information at its datacenters around the world. Mozy online back up offers the most comprehensive online backup solution on the market, and offers simple, automatic and secure online backup for both consumers and businesses, with support for laptops, desktops and servers running either Mac OS X or Windows.

Decho is wholly owned by EMC, which acquired Mozy, Inc. in October 2007 and Pi Corp. in February 2008. Pi was originally founded by Paul Maritz, who was named CEO of VMware earlier this year. The new company will maintain and grow its development and operations centers in Bangalore, Montreal, Seattle and Utah. The company will be headquartered in Seattle.

Berkeley Data Systems Launches Mozy Unlimited Backup

APRIL 4, 2006 — Salt Lake City — Berkeley Data Systems launches free, secure remote backup at, an automatic remote backup service for any PC in any home or office. Users can access their encrypted data from any computer in the world with Internet access. Mozy offers a free alternative to external hard drives, expensive subscription services, or the complications involved with burning CDs or DVDs to the over 65 million home broadband users in the US*. Mozy software and two gigabytes (GB) of backup capacity are immediately available at Mozy software is simple to install, configure and contains no adware or spyware.

“At some point, everyone goes through the heartache of data loss — either through a hard drive crash, an accidental deletion, a theft, a flood or a fire. The obvious solution is automatic remote backup. The problem is that backup is complex and expensive. We wanted to make remote backup simple and free, so we built Mozy,” explains Josh Coates, founder of Berkeley Data Systems. “Mozy is designed to provide truly automated, secure backup to users without requiring training, investment, or regimented routines. Mozy is simple, secure and free — plus it allows users to encrypt data with their own private key, which means it’s Dick Cheney proof.”
Secure, Automatic Remote Backup

Mozy has a number of qualities that make it superior to alternative backup methods:

* Simple: Mozy can be set to automatically back up photos, email, contacts, financial records, and office documents. Users simply need to check the box, and Mozy figures out what needs to be backed up. Advanced settings are also available to users to customize backup sets by file type, size or location. Mozy also provides full support for email, including Microsoft Outlook files, even if the files are open and in use. Backups can be scheduled during off hours, or set to run automatically in the background throughout the day. These features allow users to set it and forget it.
* Scalable: Berkeley Data Systems has developed proprietary software that allows Mozy to handle millions of users and securely store thousands of terabytes of data. The data is stored in racks of commodity hardware running specialized software capable of storing and retrieving billions of encrypted files across thousands of disks.
* Private and Secure: Users can opt to have their data automatically encrypted with their own private 448-bit symmetric key on their PC before transferring them to the Mozy servers. The data is encoded by 448-bit Blowfish encryption and then transferred to Berkeley Data Systems’ data centers using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. The full Berkeley Data Systems privacy policy is available for review at
* Economical: Mozy is provided free-of-charge to consumers thanks to sponsored newsletters to users once a week. Users who wish to opt out of the sponsored newsletter can upgrade to Mozy Premium, which for a limited time is offered for just $19.95 for a year of service (that’s less than $2 per month), and comes with 5 GB of backup capacity. This price is about 10 times less than traditional online backup companies.