SugarSync Spreads and Android Application

SugarSync is now available on the Android platform. SugarSync is the first product that allows Android users to browse, access, back-up and sync any and all of their digital files. If you currently work on an Android phone or an Android netbook, you know that it is difficult to browse through your files… SugarSync has solved this problem with our “Connected File Manager”, which lets you manage and browse local data on your phone or netbook and remote data from your SugarSync account. Sweet!

With SugarSync’s Android application, you can:

  • Retrieve and view files from any computer
  • Browse local and remote data
  • Send files and share folders directly from your phone
  • Upload mobile photos from your phone to SugarSync account and view all photos stored in SugarSync account

If you use a netbook — rest easy knowing that despite limited storage space — you will never have to leave your digital life behind. Setting up SugarSync makes using a netbook a snap. Just by downloading our application, you can instantaneously organize, manage, share and access all of your desired files without needing any additional hardware. Netbooks are projected to reach over 30 million users, and we are excited take part in bringing mobile communications into the future!

With SugarSync for Android, we’ve further extended our industry leading mobile coverage — adding this latest application to our widely used applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices. Our goal is to make it simple to save, sync and access all of your photos, music and documents, anytime, anywhere.

SugarSync Free 30-Day Trial

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