Mozy online backup service in Europe

Data-storage giant EMC  is extending its Mozy online backup service to the UK and Ireland, allowing it to address target a market of small European companies obliged to keep customer data within the European Union.

EMC, the top maker of corporate data-storage equipment, already has more than a million users of its North American Mozy service, which backs up data automatically during times computers are idle, or at intervals specified by the user.

As consumers increasingly store photos and music only in their PCs, and small businesses lack local capacity to keep copies of critical files, EMC sees a huge opportunity for Mozy.

Although one-quarter of its users are already outside North America, Mozy hopes to attract many more in Europe by taking payment in local currencies and storing data on servers in Central Europe so that companies can comply with EU data regulation.

Mozy has about 50,000 business customers. Consumers and businesses can opt to choose their own security key for their files, meaning that not even Mozy could unlock them.

Previously, web users that wanted to make use of Mozy’s service had to use the URL and, if using the paid-for service rather than the free version, found they were billed in US dollars.

However, the new UK version of Mozy has a (and in Ireland URL and ensures users of the paid-for services are billed in UK pounds or Euros in Ireland.

Data is also stored by Mozy in Europe, ensuring you are covered by European data privacy laws, as oposed to those that govern the US. US data privacy and retention laws differ from those in Europe.

Mozy will charge consumers 4.99 pounds ($7.72) per month for unlimited data for a single computer. Small businesses will pay 3.99 pounds per computer per month plus 50 pence per gigabyte. Server licences cost 6.99 pounds per month plus 50 pence per GB.

Comcast Offers Online Backup and Sharing Through Mozy

Comcast is launching an online backup service powered by EMC-owned Mozy.

Comcast will bundle online storage capacity from EMC’s Mozy division with its broadband service and let residential subscribers share the content they store with friends — or with the entire Internet.

With the new Secure Backup & Share feature, users of Comcast high-speed Internet automatically get 2GB of space in Mozy’s data centers for backing up any data from their home computers. They can also buy 50GB for US$4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, or 200GB for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, the companies announced Thursday. The feature is available now.

Mozy has been offering cloud-based backup capacity to consumers and businesses for several years. Consumers can buy unlimited storage for $4.95 per month. But the new offering with Comcast marks the first time Mozy has let users share the data they have backed up, according to Vance Checketts, Mozy vice president of operations at EMC. The company hopes to extend this capability to its own service as well as to the Mozy-based backup services already offered by Vodafone and China Telecom.

For many consumers, a service such as Secure Backup & Share could be an obvious way to start protecting their data from disasters and hardware failures for the first time, said Charles King, an analyst at Pund-IT.

“For most people, backup is something that they plan to get around to, like losing weight or eating right,” King said. However, it’s more critical than those users may think, he added. “Tens of thousands of hard drives crash on a weekly basis,” he said. Ideally, consumers should also back up their data to a hard drive they own, both to have another copy for safety and because downloading 200GB of remotely backed-up content over a home broadband connection would take a long time, he added.

With the sharing feature, users could make any or all of the files they back up available to family, friends or the public. Theoretically, a user could copy 200GB of files onto Mozy and make them all searchable and available on the Internet, Mozy’s Checketts said. In reality, users may designate some content as public but share the rest through invitations to specific authorized users, he said. Sharing is a natural extension to Mozy’s backup service, and the business issues of adding it would be more significant than the technical ones, Checketts said.

However, it could be a big undertaking just for Mozy to support the Comcast service. If all of Comcast’s roughly 15.9 million high-speed Internet subscribers simply took advantage of the 2GB of free storage, Mozy would need 30 petabytes of storage to accommodate them. Mozy already has more than 25 petabytes of data under management. The company beefed up its data centers in advance of the Comcast offering and can rapidly expand its capacity if needed through contracts with suppliers of bandwidth, storage space and other components, Checketts said.

This service is awesome for multiple reasons, including:

  • Data backup – Comcast customers will be able to back up their essential files to a remote, secure location via the Internet. All Comcast customers will receive a complementary 2GB account with their subscription, with additional storage plans available.
  • Online access – Comcast customers’ backed-up files can be accessed and restored via the Internet – any time, anywhere.
  • Sharing – Once their data is backed up, users will be able to share photos, documents, music, and videos with family and friends via an easy-to-use dashboard that’s available across multiple devices.

Mozy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

Mozy offers Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special promotional code starting November 25, 2009 for MozyHome unlimited backup service. The sale is

This Great Offer Ends November 30, 2009. So Sign up today and start backup now!

*** Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. The name “Black Friday” was to be given because retail stores operated in “the red” until this extremely busy day in which they’d sell enough merchandise to record a profit (or be “in the black”).  The sales usually start on Black Friday morning bright and early, and run through Saturday.

*** Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving. This has grown to be a huge day for online sales. Because much of the population shops online while at work, they wait until Monday, and avoid the Black Friday crowds, ordering the items online instead.

Disaster preparedness tips

September is the sixth annual National Preparedness Month. NPM 2009 is focusing on changing perceptions around emergency preparedness. FEMA, Citizen Corps, and the Ad Council want to spread the word that preparedness “goes beyond fire alarms, smoke detectors, dead-bolt locks, and extra food in the pantry.” Likewise, disaster preparedness goes beyond seasons – it’s a year-round necessity. For those of us who keep our lives on our computers, a disaster could also include a hardware failure, stolen computer, etc. Mozy and online backup act as a safety deposit box for your digital files so no matter what happens to your computer or the home or office where it resides, your files will always be safe.

Mozy’d like to remind you of the importance of making sure your vital information is protected as well. In an era when our family photos, music collections, vital documents, and much more are stored on computer hard drives that can be destroyed in minutes during a natural disaster, the smart thing to do is to back up your data remotely. Mozy urges you to make sure you’re prepared in the event of disaster, so you can protect your family, your belongings, and your memories.

Here’s Mozy starter list of disaster preparedness tips. Please leave your suggested additions in the comments below.

  • Keep a battery-powered radio on hand
  • Have a flashlight with spare batteries
  • Keep a 72 hour kit containing food and water
  • Have an extra change of clothing and toiletries
  • Back up your computers with Mozy online backup

Mozy also suggest that you download Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness and ready your household against everything from tornados to tsunamis.

China Telecom and Decho Announce Strategic Cloud Services Relationship

China Telecom Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch and Decho Corporation, an EMC Company, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver cloud-based services in China. The partnership’s first offering is the eYun service ( Based on Decho’s Mozy online backup service, the new eYun service provides simple, automatic and secure online backup to Internet users in China. The companies are also working together to offer additional cloud-based services in the future.

eYun, which means e-Cloud in Chinese, is a cloud-based online backup service offered and operated in China. Bringing together China Telecom Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch and Decho’s Mozy service, the joint offer targets the vast number of Internet users in China. eYun online backup offers customers offsite protection of their critical information from computer crashes, data corruption, viruses, human error and disasters. The two companies will bring their respective marketing resources and distribution channels to ensure the long term success of the service in China.

eYun is based on Decho’s Mozy online backup service, which serves over 1 million users around the world and protects over 15 petabytes of customer information. The companies recently completed a successful trial with around 15,000 users and are now offering the service broadly.

“China Telecom Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch is glad to team up with EMC’s Decho to offer the eYun service. It is a joint effort from two market leaders with Shanghai Telecom the leader in Shanghai’s broadband market and Mozy the leader in online backup,” said Dr. Qian Ming Hai, general manager of the Internet Division of China Telecom, Shanghai Branch. “eYun is a major step for Shanghai Telecom to evolve from a telecom infrastructure provider to an end-to-end information service provider.”

“China is now the largest Internet market in the world,” said Harel Kodesh, CEO of Decho Corp. “We’re delighted to partner with China Telecom, the largest broadband provider in China, to deliver a world-class online backup service to the Chinese market through eYun.” The companies are also laying the foundation for additional “personal cloud” services to be delivered in the future for both consumers and business customers.

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