Backblaze Announces Availability of Mac Online Backup

Palo Alto, California – April 14, 2009 – Backblaze makes available an unlimited online backup service for Apple Mac computers that automatically backs up all data for just $5 per month. Access the service at

Irreplaceable photos, curated music collections, home videos, carefully developed web sites and graphic designs are just a few of the items that are critical to backup. Backblaze backs up all of these – and any other data on users’ systems with the following features:

Effortless Setup
Backblaze backs up all data, thereby not requiring the complicated process of deciding which files and folders to backup. The entire installation process is: Click download. Enter email address and password. Click Install.

Automatic Backups
All data is continuously backed up so users need not remember to start backups. As files are added or changed,they are automatically backed up over the Internet, automatically picking up from where they left off.

Complete Security
Data is secured using military‐grade encryption on the computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted. Furthermore, users have the option to add their own encryption key.

Easy Restore
Files can be browsed online and users can restore a single file, all files, or anything in between. Users can choose to download files to any computer or request a DVD or USB drive with their data be sent to them overnight.

External Drive Backup
Thousands of Mac users provided feedback during the beta phase and Backblaze has implemented many of the suggestions including the addition of robust USB and Firewire drive support. A new overview shows attached external drives, along with drive type (Standard, Boot Camp, Time Machine), and the option to select the drives for backup. Users can continue to backup unlimited data, including external drives, for just $5 per month.

With half of the founding team heralding from Apple, Backblaze is deeply committed to the Mac platform. The service has been designed natively for the Mac platform, integrated into the Mac System Preferences, and developed for the Mac community. Backblaze is available today to help the 94% of users who do not regularly backup their computers.

Backblaze offers a free 15‐day trial and is just $5 per month per computer. The service supports Intel‐based Mac computers running Mac OS X 10.4 Leopard and newer and Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Backblaze is available in 11 languages at

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