What’s Your Business Data Loss Recovery Plan?

The New York Times warned small business owners to think about a disaster recovery plan last week. Jennifer Walzer, the author, has experience working in small businesses and understands a complete plan isn’t always possible. However, she does write that some elements of a disaster recovery plan are better than none.

According to the article, data loss is the most common business disaster. Here is the second of six steps Walzer suggests to make sure you get the right solution for your business’s needs:

“Consider backup options. Your backup must be offsite, secure and available for recovery 24/7. One popular option that meets the above criteria, with the added benefit of ease of use and automation, is online backup.”

The Baltimore-based law firm Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dan learned that data loss can happen to anyone anytime. A senior partner was preparing for a trial in Arkansas when his computer crashed two days before the hearing. The firm had yet to implement a backup solution, so the Director of Technology, David Roden, found himself on the next flight into Arkansas.

After this, Roden began looking for a reliable solution that wouldn’t hog their network resources. Shortly after that, the firm decided on MozyPro. If a computer ever fails again, anywhere in the world, Roden will be able to manage the recovery right from his office.

MozyPro provides simple, secure, and automatic backup that can literally save your business in the event of a disaster without the large investment in time and money of other backup solutions.

Physical Storage compare to Digital Storage

Mozy want to show you how data storage has changed over the years. It’s pretty mind-blowing. Enjoy!

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Mozy Free Account Friday Comes To Facebook!

For the past few months, Mozy have been giving away free MozyHome accounts on Twitter via a simple contest – “Mozy Free Account Friday”.

It’s been pretty popular (after all, it’s hard to beat free), so Mozy have decided to expand the contest to Facebook. After all, Facebook users need love (and backup) too!

So starting tomorrow, Mozy will be giving away a FREE 1-year MozyHome subscription ($54.45 value!) to a randomly chosen entrant each Friday. Here’s how it will work – in order to be considered you must:

1. Be a fan of Mozy at the time of the giveaway.
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3. Mozy will have a status message posted at 12:00 AM MST Friday on the Mozy fan page. Simply comment on that status to let Mozy know you’re entered!

You can enter the Facebook and Twitter contests once per week. Mozy will announce the winner the following Monday. Good luck, and be safe!

Decho Reports Triple-Digit Growth in New Customers from Accounting and Financial Services Markets

Decho Corporation, an EMC Company (NYSE: EMC), today announced triple-digit growth in new Mozy(TM) customers from the accounting and financial services markets over the past 12 months. As these firms look to protect irreplaceable business data, they’re turning to MozyPro(R), the industry’s most trusted online business backup service.

“Contrary to past experience, small and medium-size business IT spending will decline more than enterprise IT spending as small businesses bear more of the pain from the housing sector collapse and the financial crisis,” said analyst Andrew Bartels in a May 2009 Forrester Research Inc report titled “US Enterprises Versus SMB IT Budgets in 2009.” In addition, Gartner recently reported the loss of intellectual property or customer data was the number one concern of North American organizations surveyed by Gartner in 2007 and 2008.

Tostevin Accountancy, an accounting, tax, fiduciary, financial planning, and business consulting firm headquartered in Monterey, CA, had been using a tape backup system that it found unreliable and consumed too much valuable office space. It also needed a solution that would work automatically and support Microsoft Exchange. Tostevin reduced its corporate backup costs by 84 percent after they switched from a tape backup provider to MozyPro.

“Our previous solution required a significant investment upfront for both hardware and software, plus costs associated with required maintenance,” said Dennis Forest, CPA at Tostevin Accountancy Corporation. “MozyPro’s inexpensive price and minimal management times made it the natural choice for us.”

MozyPro’s benefits are also being realized by banks. The State Bank of Geneva was spending several hours per week managing on-premise data backups and moving backup media off-site. “The simplicity of Mozy is great for a small business,” said Rick Razum, IT Director for the State Bank of Geneva. “However, its features are so enabling and well-designed that Mozy is ideal for larger companies as well. The quality of product for an affordable rate is unmatched.”

“In addition to the significant cost savings that can be achieved with MozyPro, accounting and financial firms recognize Mozy’s market leadership in data protection,” said Daniel Royer, MozyPro manager at Decho Corp. “These firms can now focus on their business knowing that their important digital information is secure.”

For additional information about how Mozy helps accounting and financial services professionals protect valuable data and perform an accounting backup for an affordable price, visit www.mozy.com/pro. Mozy, the most trusted online backup solution for consumers and businesses, serves more than 40,000 business customers and more than 1 million users. Mozy customers back up more than 15 petabytes of data to Decho’s professionally managed world-class data centers.

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SugarSync Spreads and Android Application

SugarSync is now available on the Android platform. SugarSync is the first product that allows Android users to browse, access, back-up and sync any and all of their digital files. If you currently work on an Android phone or an Android netbook, you know that it is difficult to browse through your files… SugarSync has solved this problem with our “Connected File Manager”, which lets you manage and browse local data on your phone or netbook and remote data from your SugarSync account. Sweet!

With SugarSync’s Android application, you can:

  • Retrieve and view files from any computer
  • Browse local and remote data
  • Send files and share folders directly from your phone
  • Upload mobile photos from your phone to SugarSync account and view all photos stored in SugarSync account

If you use a netbook — rest easy knowing that despite limited storage space — you will never have to leave your digital life behind. Setting up SugarSync makes using a netbook a snap. Just by downloading our application, you can instantaneously organize, manage, share and access all of your desired files without needing any additional hardware. Netbooks are projected to reach over 30 million users, and we are excited take part in bringing mobile communications into the future!

With SugarSync for Android, we’ve further extended our industry leading mobile coverage — adding this latest application to our widely used applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices. Our goal is to make it simple to save, sync and access all of your photos, music and documents, anytime, anywhere.

SugarSync Free 30-Day Trial

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