Mozy online backup service in Europe

Data-storage giant EMC  is extending its Mozy online backup service to the UK and Ireland, allowing it to address target a market of small European companies obliged to keep customer data within the European Union.

EMC, the top maker of corporate data-storage equipment, already has more than a million users of its North American Mozy service, which backs up data automatically during times computers are idle, or at intervals specified by the user.

As consumers increasingly store photos and music only in their PCs, and small businesses lack local capacity to keep copies of critical files, EMC sees a huge opportunity for Mozy.

Although one-quarter of its users are already outside North America, Mozy hopes to attract many more in Europe by taking payment in local currencies and storing data on servers in Central Europe so that companies can comply with EU data regulation.

Mozy has about 50,000 business customers. Consumers and businesses can opt to choose their own security key for their files, meaning that not even Mozy could unlock them.

Previously, web users that wanted to make use of Mozy’s service had to use the URL and, if using the paid-for service¬†rather than the free version, found they were billed in US dollars.

However, the new UK version of Mozy has a (and in Ireland URL and ensures users of the paid-for services are billed in UK pounds or Euros in Ireland.

Data is also stored by Mozy in Europe, ensuring you are covered by European data privacy laws, as oposed to those that govern the US. US data privacy and retention laws differ from those in Europe.

Mozy will charge consumers 4.99 pounds ($7.72) per month for unlimited data for a single computer. Small businesses will pay 3.99 pounds per computer per month plus 50 pence per gigabyte. Server licences cost 6.99 pounds per month plus 50 pence per GB.