Physical Storage compare to Digital Storage

Mozy want to show you how data storage has changed over the years. It’s pretty mind-blowing. Enjoy!

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Mozy Free Account Friday Comes To Facebook!

For the past few months, Mozy have been giving away free MozyHome accounts on Twitter via a simple contest – “Mozy Free Account Friday”.

It’s been pretty popular (after all, it’s hard to beat free), so Mozy have decided to expand the contest to Facebook. After all, Facebook users need love (and backup) too!

So starting tomorrow, Mozy will be giving away a FREE 1-year MozyHome subscription ($54.45 value!) to a randomly chosen entrant each Friday. Here’s how it will work – in order to be considered you must:

1. Be a fan of Mozy at the time of the giveaway.
2. At some point between 12:00 AM MST and 11:59 PM MST Friday, you must post the following message (or words to this effect):

I just entered Mozy Free Account Friday to win a free year of unlimited online backup! You can win too! Just become a fan of Mozy, post this message in your status, and let Mozy know you’re entered on their fan page! (for more info, check out

3. Mozy will have a status message posted at 12:00 AM MST Friday on the Mozy fan page. Simply comment on that status to let Mozy know you’re entered!

You can enter the Facebook and Twitter contests once per week. Mozy will announce the winner the following Monday. Good luck, and be safe!