Backblaze Offers ‘Peace of Mind’ to 286 Million People Online Backup Solution Effortlessly Eliminates Stress for $5 Per Month

Palo Alto, California – September 16, 2008 – Even with hard drives crashing, viruses deleting data, laptops being stolen, and computer data destroyed every day – surprisingly, 286 million people (94% of broadband users) rarely backup their data because they fear the process is too complex. Today, Backblaze makes available an effortless online backup solution that enables people to never worry about losing their pictures, videos, music, documents and other computer files, ever again.

The service requires no configuration and simply backs up all computer data automatically to a secure, online location – so no matter what happens to a person’s computer, the data will always be safe with Backblaze. Individuals and businesses can visit to start protecting their data for just $5 per month for unlimited storage.

With Backblaze online backup, the entire installation and configuration experience is simply:

* Click Download
* Enter an email address and a password
* Click Install

At this point the computer starts to backup all data with the following available features:

* Free 15-day trial with unlimited storage
* Continued unlimited storage for just $5 per month
* Automatic backup of all data, including data on external USB and Firewire drives
* Military-grade encryption of all files and optional private encryption key
* Microsoft Outlook and open-file backup
* Restore to any computer via the Web or on DVD or USB hard drive
* Continuous backup with scheduled, idle-time, and manual backup options
* No slow down of computer use or Web browsing
* Availability in 11 languages.

Backblaze online backup, and peace of mind, is available today at

About Backblaze
Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs with security, scalability, usability backgrounds, and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Backblaze’s mission is to ensure that all computer data is backed up. Backblaze was selected as a winner of the AlwaysOn Global Top 250 private companies for game-changing technology and market value. Visit for more information or to backup your computer.

Mozy opens first international data centre in Ireland

Thursday September 04 2008

Mozy the online data backup service provider has opened its first international data centre in Dublin.

The company says the new centre will address certain government regulations pertaining to electronic data storage and encryption export solutions.

Meanwhile EMC, the multinational information infrastructure solutions company which owns Mozy has entered a global partnership with Lenovo the computer manufacturer and the Dublin centre will also provide backup for Lenovo users.