Berkeley Data Systems Launches Mozy Unlimited Backup

APRIL 4, 2006 — Salt Lake City — Berkeley Data Systems launches free, secure remote backup at, an automatic remote backup service for any PC in any home or office. Users can access their encrypted data from any computer in the world with Internet access. Mozy offers a free alternative to external hard drives, expensive subscription services, or the complications involved with burning CDs or DVDs to the over 65 million home broadband users in the US*. Mozy software and two gigabytes (GB) of backup capacity are immediately available at Mozy software is simple to install, configure and contains no adware or spyware.

“At some point, everyone goes through the heartache of data loss — either through a hard drive crash, an accidental deletion, a theft, a flood or a fire. The obvious solution is automatic remote backup. The problem is that backup is complex and expensive. We wanted to make remote backup simple and free, so we built Mozy,” explains Josh Coates, founder of Berkeley Data Systems. “Mozy is designed to provide truly automated, secure backup to users without requiring training, investment, or regimented routines. Mozy is simple, secure and free — plus it allows users to encrypt data with their own private key, which means it’s Dick Cheney proof.”
Secure, Automatic Remote Backup

Mozy has a number of qualities that make it superior to alternative backup methods:

* Simple: Mozy can be set to automatically back up photos, email, contacts, financial records, and office documents. Users simply need to check the box, and Mozy figures out what needs to be backed up. Advanced settings are also available to users to customize backup sets by file type, size or location. Mozy also provides full support for email, including Microsoft Outlook files, even if the files are open and in use. Backups can be scheduled during off hours, or set to run automatically in the background throughout the day. These features allow users to set it and forget it.
* Scalable: Berkeley Data Systems has developed proprietary software that allows Mozy to handle millions of users and securely store thousands of terabytes of data. The data is stored in racks of commodity hardware running specialized software capable of storing and retrieving billions of encrypted files across thousands of disks.
* Private and Secure: Users can opt to have their data automatically encrypted with their own private 448-bit symmetric key on their PC before transferring them to the Mozy servers. The data is encoded by 448-bit Blowfish encryption and then transferred to Berkeley Data Systems’ data centers using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. The full Berkeley Data Systems privacy policy is available for review at
* Economical: Mozy is provided free-of-charge to consumers thanks to sponsored newsletters to users once a week. Users who wish to opt out of the sponsored newsletter can upgrade to Mozy Premium, which for a limited time is offered for just $19.95 for a year of service (that’s less than $2 per month), and comes with 5 GB of backup capacity. This price is about 10 times less than traditional online backup companies.